Sydney Institute of Business and Technology

SIBT is a private tertiary college situated on campus at both the North Ryde and city campus locations.

After completing an SIBT diploma, the equivalent of the first year of Macquarie bachelor degree, students advance directly into the second year of their degree program. The small class sizes and personalised support offered by SIBT prepares students who may not have the academic or English requirements for direct entry into Macquarie University, easing the transition from high school to tertiary education.

SIBT offers diploma courses in the following disciplines:

  • arts*
  • business administration
  • commerce
  • communication
  • computing*
  • engineering

* Note: Units are timetabled according to student demand. In some semesters, units may be offered at one SIBT location only.

Flexible study options
Semester commencement dates are: February, June and October

Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation Program
This foundation course will qualify you for entry into an SIBT diploma program if you don't meet the direct entry requirements. You'll learn the skills to be a successful university student, study specified units in the stream of your choice and gain direct entry into the SIBT diploma program upon successful completion.

Standard and fast track
The Certificate IV and diploma courses consist of 8 academic units. Students who choose to fast track their studies will study 4 units per semester over two semesters (eight months). For the standard track study option, students complete 8 units over three semesters (twelve months). 

English requirements
A minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) is required to commence a SIBT diploma. 

Teaching methods
SIBT students attend four hours of classroom-based lectures and tutorials per unit per week. It is expected that approximately 6-8 hours per week per unit will also be required for additional study time.

Assessment methods
The method of assessment may vary depending on the course and units selected. A combination of university approved assessments, including assignments, essays, oral presentations, tutorial participation and formal examinations may be used.


Contact: SIBT
T: +61 2 9964 6555 (City), +61 2 9850 6222 (North Ryde)
F: +61 2 9850 6223